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When The Traditional Banks Say No, Where Do You Go?

The current economic climate has resulted in tighter lending by traditional banks and less money for real estate investing. Private Funding is taking over where traditional banks have left off private lenders have a much greater flexibility, can offer more creative methods of financing and are definitely open to negotiation. They usually have lesser requirements compared to traditional sources. These investors look for higher than normal rates of return which would mean you will be paying more compared to other financing sources. However, borrowing money for buying investment property is becoming more difficult today because of the credit crisis, which is why private lending is an attractive alternative.

Access to private money is vital to success in real estate investing business in today’s economy. Once you have private money, you can finance as many deals as you can find with little or no limitations. Private investors have more flexible underwriting criteria, and will look to provide hard money/bridge loans, joint ventures/100% equity financing, acquisition and construction financing to viable commercial deals.

To find out how to have a commercial investment or development deal reviewed by provide investors email your request to

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