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The following are state of the art training and orientation programs and service organizations currently available in the United States of America and in some other countries, in relation to commercial real estate investment and brokerage and other topics. For persons with none or limited amounts of cash available, the real estate training programs noted below are appropriate including: Terry Hale (Master Lease With Option to Purchase), David Lindahl and Dr. Richard Odessey (real estate syndications, raising private capital), Cherif Medawar, and the Institute of Commercial Real Estate, some trainers of The Learning Annex including Scott Scheel (seller financing), Trump Univesity, Russ Whitney, and Robert Allen (nothing down). For pesons with more capital and interest in commercial real estate investments, Loopnet is appropriate and commercial mortgages including equity investments. For persons with commercial real estate brokerage interests, the Cyberspace Society, Dealmakers, and Loopnet are appropriate. For persons interested in other free online topics at the university level without a diploma, see the Consortium of Universities noted under MIT (# 18 below). Although the following real estate training organizations, mentors, gurus and other entities provide useful information on the topics of their respective fields of expertise, the School of Hard Knocks provides the most realistic reality experience in terms of what is actually feasible in the marketplace for any specific trainee, which actual result may differ considerably from the content and results of specific mentors. Caveat emptor: trainees need to be forewarned that numerous gurus, in addition to their free initial webinars or hotel meetings, also subsequently offer: home study courses, expensive bootcamps, consultant services, and other services, beginning with no fee webinars and ramping up price outputs subsequently for further services. Some gurus offer joint venture opportunities, that on occasion leave the unknowing trainee wanting or disenchanged after purchasing the respective home study courses or bootcamp. .Interested persons may locate any of the below mentors via search engines such as If after entering the mentor's name in the Google search box, numerous "scam report" entries appear on the first page of Google, this indicates the opinion and experience of some prior trainee(s) in relation to the specific guru. If after entering a mentor's name in the Google search box, no "scam reports" appear on the first page of Google, this indicates the general public has a good opionion of that specific mentor. Enter:in the Google search box: "Rip Off Report" of an individual mentor or guru. If there are none appearing online, that mentor has a clean record in relation to the general online public. If "Rip Off Reports" do appear in relation to a specific mentor, read the fine print..

1.Self Storage Complexes. Scott Meyers participated in a webinar with Mike Warren on May 26,2010 and explained how he sold his single family homes, 400 apartment units, office buildings, and warehouses after they began to become unprofitable and reinvested in self storage complexes. Scott Meyers repeated the same webinar with Stacey Kellams on August 18,2010 and at other times. Self storage complexes do not require repair and maintenance on the scale of apartment complexes because there are no finished internal components in self storage units. Nor do self storage complexes have tenants living in the units as do apartment complexes, only stored belongings. Scott Meyers offers a home study course, three day bootcamp (Self Storage Academy), and other training programs. Jeff Lindahl, brother of Dave Lindahl, has invested in self storage complexes during 14 years and also offers a home study course.

2.Triple Net Leased Properties. Cherif Medawar specializes in triple net leased properties (where tenants rather than landlords are responsible for all property operating expenses and management). Cherif created the Institute of Commercial Real Estate with membership approaching 10,000. Cherif was trained by a billionaire for seven years, subsequently acquired his own real estate portfolio during twenty years, and now trains others. He defines strategies to increase commercial real estate properties' values, refinance out the down payment and a profit after settlement, keep investing, and keep income properties' ownership indefinitely. In one of his Broward County Florida seminars, Cherif Medawar explained how he sold off the third floor to another buyer in his first San Juan Puerto Rico investment, leased that store to a triple net leased tenant+lease guarantee, then bought out the rest of the same street during the next two years.

3.Apartment complexes. My original mentor was Mark Haroldon of THE FINANCIAL FREEDOM REPORT.His book FINANCIAL GENIUS sold one million copies. Mark Haroldson bought 1000 apartment complex units. Mark toured the USA with his Financial Freedom Report Conventions between 1987 and 1991 with many other trainers educating persons concerning real estate investing and other marketing programs. I bought many of their home study courses from that period and have them in my professional library. More recently, David Lindahl has become one of the main mentors of apartment complex investing. David Lindahl owns 4000+ apartment complex units and subsequently acquired 3000+ additional self storage complex units and other properties by raising private money. Peter Conti is another apartment complex mentor.

4.The Leaning Annex founder William Zanker. See David Lindahl (who owns 7000+ commercial real estate property units), Scott Scheel (commercial real estate, discusses SELLER FINANCING) and other speakers. Scott Meyers is an expert on self storage complexes. Look up these mentors on, enter their names in the search box. The Learning Annex Real Estate Wealth Convention appeared in Fort Lauderdale Florida June 9-10,2007. David Lindahl is the first speaker who has addressed APARTMENT COMPLEX INVESTING since the retirement of Mark Haroldson of the Financial Freedom Report (see above) in 1992.

5.Todd Morgan, Academy of Real Estate. Look up via Terry Hale, David Lindahl, Dr. Richard Odessey, and other speakers have apperared on Todd's recent webinars. Todd held a webinar "I Have Private Money For You" on November 9,2009.

6.Dr. Richard Odessey in Todd Morgan's webinar on April 9,2009 explained his system to RAISE millions of PRIVATE MONEY for real estate deals. Look him up on

7.Terry Hale. See his "Commercial Real Estate Made Easy" program. Terry has acquired and in his legacy instructs students how to seek problem distressed properties and motivated sellers (including family deaths), to use MASTER LEASE WITH OPTION TO PURCHASE and JOINT VENTURE to increase properties' incomes and values and to refinance out the value, in high value amounts, in short periods of time. Look up Terry Hale on

8.Master Lease With An Option to Purchase (MLO). Various mentors have developed home study courses on this subject. Among them are Bernard Zick, CCIM, deceased, HIDDEN PROFITS THROUGH OPTIONS, Terry Hale, Jason Gilbert, and Susan Lassiter Lyons. In this strategy, the MLO holder obtains a Master Lease of the entire property(ies) from the Seller, from which the property owner continues to receive net rental income from the income property and the MLO holder also receives income. The MLO holder receives an option to purchase the property from the Seller at a future date. Various formats, configurations, and details are available in order to accomplish this strategy.

9.Foreclosures. Karen Hanover and DC Fawcett held a series of webinars dealing with Commercial Real Estate Foreclosures and Short Sales on May 5, 2010, May 9,2010, May 11,2010 with Dave Lindahl, and May 23,2010. My original mentor concerning foreclosures was Ernest Kessler of Foreclosure Research, Rockville Maryland.

10. The Trump Iniative, formerly Trump University. President Michael Sexton. Includes training for real estate investing with students in 50 countries. Donald Trump is a sponsor of The Learning Annex and of The Trump Iniative. The Trump Iniative has sponsored webinars "Learn How to Built an 800+ Credit Score" discussed by Echelon Credit Advisors. A subsequent webinar by The Funding Pipeline, not through The Trump Iniative, discussed building business lines of credit.

11.Robert Kiyosaki. You Can Chose To Be Rich. 1-800-335-2282. Rich Dad Poor Dad. Rich Dad's Guide To Wealth, Teach To Be Rich, Why We Want You To Be Rich, with Donald Trump, Kim Kiyosaki, How to Wake Up the Rich Woman in You, and other books. 1-800-464-9935.

12.Loopnet. Largest USA inventory of commercial real estate properties for sale and for lease.

13.Dealmakers Forums. Email Emaillistserve forums focused on various commercial real estate uses. Mortgage brokers representing all types of commercial real estate financing may be located by emailing

14.Cyberspace Society. Organization of 9000+ members in the USA and in other countries focusing on MARKETING AND SALES techniques relating to REAL ESTATE RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL BROKERAGE on the internet. Specialized in the use of cyberspace technoloqies. Executive Director, Jack Peckham. The Cyberspace Society has taught me most of what I have learned about use of the internet. This organization is scheduled to discontinue its previously offered services and refocus towards a coaching format with Michael Russer in 2011.

15.Designation programs. Real estate designations such as CCIM, CCS, and residential designations are available from various sources. Enter the designation you seek in the search box of

16. Russ Whitney Information Network. Focuses on RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE INCOME rental income poperty acquisition strategies. Russ has a staff of 400+ training others in these strategies and formulas. Includes Whitney Leadership Group and Mortgage Reduction System programs. In a real estate investment seminar in Dania Florida in 1986, Russ presented a brocheur "Introduction to Government Grants and Loans" of the American Homebuyers Alliance that indicated on pages 15 and 16 the existence of HUD insured FHA 223D3 and 221D4 multifamily mortgages.

17.Robert Allen. See 50 Nothing Down investment techniques organized into 10 categories. Focuses on RESIDENTIAL real estate investing strategies.

18.Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other Universities, free online courses. See See also

REAL ESTATE INVESTING. Other mentors who have trained me previously include the following. Mark Haroldson et. al Financial Freedom Report Conventions, 1987-1991. How to Wake Up the Financial Genius Inside You (relating to investing in apartment complexes); Courage To Be Rich; Direct Response Marketing; Willaim Nicherson, How I Turned $1000 Into Five Million In Real Estate; No Risk Way to Real Estate Fortunes. Locate properties at Project evaluation methodologies, Dr. Ernesto Fontaine, Department of Economics, The Catholic University of Chile, Santiago, Chile, email: Bernard Zick (CCIM deceased), Hidden Profits Through Options, Down Payment Partners, Equity Sharing with Doug Gillis, http:/// Carleton Sheet No Down Payment, Robert Allen, Nothing Down,; Richard Epley, Big Bucks from Bad Buildings. Wright Thurston, Diamonds in the Rough; Making It Happen. Ernest Kessler, Foreclosures, Foreclosure Research of America, and Making Money from Mortgages and Judgements. Russ Whitney, Starting from Zero, Mortgage Reduction System,, John Childers, The ABZ's of Buying Property, Jay Mitton, Creating Your Financial Fortress, Time Value of Money, Dave Smith, Hewlett packard HP 12C Owner Handbook. Larry Pino, Desktop Lawyer.

MARKETING AND SALES. Tom Hopkins, How to Master the Art of Selling Anything. Wright Thurston, 500 Ways to Increase Your Income. Roger Dawson, Secrets of Power Negotiation, Jack Peckham, Master Guide to Income Property Brokerage. Certified Commercial Specialist (CCS) designation courses noted below. Membership in the Cyberspace Society since 1999,""> Boomershine in his webinar on September 9,2009 explained his system of Negotiating With and Closing Real Estate Property Sales With Sellers.

REAL ESTATE FINANCE. See the finance courses in my CCS designation program below. I have interviewed a large segment of the commercial real estate mortgage broker community in the USA through since 1999 regarding all loan to value ratio programs and related underwriting issues. Mentors regarding NOTHING DOWN real estate finance include: Robert Allen (see also above), Scott Scheel (see also above, seller financing), Cherif Medawar (see above), Terry Hale (see above), and Bernard Zick (see Real Estate Investing above, Hidden Profits Through Options, Down Payment Partners and Equity Sharing). Andre Johnson is an expert in mortgages "subject to". The Seller remains on the existing mortgage and the buyer pays the debt service through the Seller after settlement. David Lindahl (see above) has discussed the issue of raising private money including private equity and debt for commercial real estate investing in his webinars and private money bootcamps on this topic.

REAL ESTATE SYNDICATION. Mentors include:Bernard Zick, CCIM (deceased) with Donna Leadbetter, Down Payment Partners, Roger McClure real estate syndication attorney, with Richard Solem (deceased), How to Play the New Real Estate Syndication Game, Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices, and Law by George Gates Jr. David Lindahl explained the system he has developed and used to obtain $33 million of private money from angel investors to acquire $200 million in additional properties during the past 21/2 years. David Lindahl's students have raised $200 million nationwide additional.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. David Lindahl explained with his Asset Manager Jackie White in a webinar on November 3,2009 and on April 27,2010 the systems they use to manage the property managers who manage Dave's 7000+ commercial real estate units across the US. Also see, Property Management Magic by Wright Thurston, Landlording is a Piece of Cake by David Shamy. How to Put Your Property on Autopilot; Financial Freedom Report. Apartment complex positions held by Ron Neufeld: leasing agent, resident manager, property manager, commercial real estate sales agent, commercial real estate broker. Shopping Center Management, Alan Alexander and Richard Muhlbach; 77 Ways to Lease Your Center, Ted Kraus. The Dealmakers., (Dealmakers forum). Robert Caine, Property Management E-newsletters; Leasing Commercial Real Estate in CCS designation program (CCS ). Mike Butler in Hollis Brown's webinar on June 9,2009 explained his property management auto pilot system.

FORMAL REAL ESTATE EDUCATION. Real Estate Degree, University of Virginia, Falls Church, 1980. Certified Commercial Specialist (CCS), Arlington County Virginia Adult Education Program. Awarded by the Northern Virginia Council of Commercial Reators 1994. Topics included: Introduction to Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, HP 12C Calculator; Commercial Real Estate Finance, and Negotiating a Commercial Real Estate Transaction, by Ridgely Potter, mortgage broker. Real estate syndication, How to Play the New Real Estate Syndication Game, Roger McClure and Richard Solem, Apartment Complex Brokerage, Gary Earle, How to Sell Apartment Buildings, Office Building brokerage. Successful Leasing and Selling of Office Property, Real Estate Education Co. and Grubb Ellis.Co.; commercial real estate leasing.

Training from the above persons and mentors has been to: Ron Neufeld, CCS, RECS, Comreb Limited Partnership, Lic. Florida Real Estate Broker, email: website:

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