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Questions to Ask Arizona Hard Money Lenders

If you want to secure hard money in Arizona, then you need to know what questions to ask your Arizona hard money lender. Here’s what to look for…

How long has the Arizona hard money lender been in business? Because many people see opportunity in the current state of the Arizona housing markets, you’re likely to see new Arizona hard money lenders vying for your business every day. However, what you’re looking for are Arizona hard money lenders who’ve already proven themselves and are well-established. One such example is the Active Funding Group, which has a rich history dating back to 1998.

How much capital does the Arizona hard money lender deploy each year?  If you’re doing business with a small Arizona hard money lender, then you’re dealing with a high-risk business. It’s much better to work with hard money lenders in Arizona who’re large and, as mentioned, well-established.

As an example, the Active Funding Group deploys funds in excess of $100 million every year, which makes it the largest hard money lender in Arizona as well as throughout the Desert Southwest.

Are the Arizona hard money lenders familiar with your business model? What you’re looking for here are Arizona hard money lenders who have an extensive background investing in real estate properties.  An example: the principals of the Active Funding Group have been involved in investing in distressed properties since 1982.  As such, they’ll understand YOUR business, inside and out.

Do the Arizona hard money lenders streamline their application and approval process?  Your business depends on you being able to apply for and secure Arizona hard money loans as quickly as possible… before you miss a great investment opportunity. And that’s why you want to work with an organization like the Active Funding Group, who:

1. Offers an online application to streamline the process. You can get started right now by visiting

2. Is committed to processing application and deploying funds as quickly as possible. While the Active Funding Group can’t guarantee a specific timeframe, you can rest assured that they’ll work as quickly as possible to get you the funding you need.

In short…

Your business is important, so don’t get your Arizona hard money loans from just anybody. Instead, turn to an Arizona hard money lender like Active Funding Group, who’ll work with you to get you the funding you need, when you need it. To know more please visit

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