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 For the past decade, my wife and I have had a tradition of watching "The Patriot" on July 4th.  I never get tired of watching the portrayal of sacrifice and courage that won this country its freedom. 

The movie is placed in the southern colonies.  Growing up, I didn't learn that war extended beyond Virginia into the southern colonies.  The movie challenged me to do a little research to fill in the empty spaces in my knowledge of US history.


The more I learn, the more I appreciate this great country.  I hope you take a little time over this holiday weekend to say thank you to someone serving in the armed forces and to offer a prayer of thanks for the freedom you enjoy.  Happy July 4th.  Let Freedom Ring!

(Disclaimer:  All grammatical mistakes, punctuation breakdowns and misspellings are purely for your amusement and entertainment.  Feel free to cackle.)

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