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Real Estate CyberSpace Network Announced

September 9, 2009, Boston, MA: The Real Estate Cyberspace Society has unveiled a new social network designed for all real estate professionals and the public who are interested in today’s explosive merger of technology, the internet, real estate and social networking.

The “Real Estate CyberSpace Network” will bring a new networking dimension to real estate professionals who have embraced the power of the internet. This new social network is open to the industry and public in general and there is no cost to participate.

Over 150 local networking groups have been established covering 21 countries and all of the United States, allowing network participants to communicate, interact and share with fellow industry members and the public. John Peckham, the Real Estate CyberSpace Society’s Executive Director explained, “This is a social network like Myspace, Facebook, or LinkedIn but especially for real estate professionals who recognize and apply the power of the latest internet tools to enhance their performance and stature.

In addition to the local and international geographic groups the network has established 20 specially groups including specialties such as Residential, Commercial, International, Appraisal, Hospitality, Association Executives and Buyer Agency.

As part of the new Real Estate CyberSpace Network all participants have their own personal Blog which is automatically set up. They are able to real estate network, share photos, slide shows, videos and other information in real time with friends, associates and the public -- locally, nationally and internationally.”

Peckham reported that the recent beta period of the network has generated considerable sharing including the contribution of a considerable number of educational videos. He stated that, now with the beta completed, the Network is unlike any other in its ability to bond varied real estate specialties, and the public across all geographic borders.

The Real Estate CyberSpace Network invites participants to join in the real estate networking and educational opportunities at There is no cost to participate.

For Further information or interviews:
John M. Peckham III, Executive Director
Real Estate CyberSpace Society
Four Longfellow Place, Suite 2003,
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-523-4441
E-mail: Web:

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