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About the Network

The Real Estate CyberSpace Society is proud to sponsor this special “Real Estate CyberSpace Network”. This social network brings a new networking dimension to the Society experience. As with, this platform is open to the industry in general – and the extra good stuff is available only to Society members. We hope that non members will see the big value of Society membership.

Each Society Chapter has its own networking center (called “Groups” here) so local members can communicate, interact and share not only with fellow Society members but also with members of the local real estate community. The same is true for professionals who want to interact with other in their field of expertise, or "Specialty Groups". This is a social network like My Space, Facebook, or LinkedIn but just for real estate professionals who recognize and apply the power of the latest internet tools to enhance their performance and stature.

All members of the Real Estate CyberSpace Network have their own customizable social networking page and personal Blog. Both are super easy to use and now you can real estate network, share photos, slide shows, videos and other information in real time with friends, customers and associates -- locally, nationally and internationally!

In short, Network members can now integrate all of the power of real estate social networking and Society members can magnify the benefits of their Society membership! Those who have joined the network but have not yet joined the Real Estate CyberSpace Society now have the opportunity to interact with Society members, to get a feel for the camaraderie among members and to get a taste for all of the tools and services that make Society members the highest earners in the real estate industry today.

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